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Celebrity Choice - Soft Stick Tip Bond

Soft stick tip bond 0.8g Per bond. Double Drawn. Grade AAAA. 18" and 20" lengths

The Celebrity Choice hair is sourced and selected from Mongolia, where the hair is soft to touch, full of lustre and retains vitality.

Each pack contain 50g of double drawn hair at 0.8g per strand and the Beauty Works bond offers the perfect amount of hair for a natural blend. Our special formula ensures long lasting, salon quality hair extensions that are resilient against the elements such as heat, water and washing.

The Micro rings technique involve tiny copper or aluminium beads being attached to individual strands of your own hair. Each strand can flow freely whilst unique colour blends and clever placement of the extension strands can create amazing hair. With no heat and no glue involved, it's a favourite with salon professionals and a great option for longer lasting hair.

Deluxe Clip-Ins

Deluxe clip-insDouble Wefted Our award winning Deluxe Clip-in hair extensions are the ultimate DIY extension system.

Our clip-in system has been cleverly designed using a unique three piece system. Using a lace weft structure the hand-selected hair is compacted onto three easy to use flat weft strips. Allows you to wear your hair in a variety of hairstyles that are completely discreet and lightweight. Featuring a protective silicone layer on each clip to cushion your natural hair and protect breakage.

Our deluxe clip-in extensions are made from hand-selected, 100% Remy cuticle retained human hair to create a natural look you would normally associate with permanent salon hair extensions.

Each pack contains a full and thick set of hair extensions compacted down on to three easy to apply chip-in pieces. Select from a variation of colour & length options.

Gold Double Weft

Gold weftDouble Weft. Double Drawn. Grade AAAA. 18", 20" and 22" lengths

Our ultimate in Premium Remy Human Hair. Long lasting, tangle free and super thickness every time.

Designed to maximise volume, Beauty Works GOLD Double We ff is a revolutionary new weft design, unique to Beauty Works. Our thickest hair extension weft yet, it compacts 150g of Double Drawn Remy hair onto a flat double wefted lace design. Tried and tested by respected hair extension experts in the industry, our unique design allows hair to be double wefted onto a lace weft to create super thick extensions with more hair but less weft.

Designed to be more secure and stronger than other weft extensions on the market, our unique double weft prevents shredding and allows salon professionals to apply weft extensions even faster.

Celebrity Choice Weft Extensions

Weft extensionsDouble Drawn. Grade AAAA. 14", 16", 18", 20" and 22" lengths

Celebrity Choice is Beauty Works' premium range of Remy hair extensions and is the choice of many celebrities today.

Beauty Works Celebrity Choice is the finest quality, 100% Remy human hair extensions, made of 120g of double drawn hair, giving you a generous amount of full and natural looking hair extensions. Tried and tested by leading industry experts, our machine wefted hair extensions prevent shredding, withstand washing and styling, and ensure long lasting, salon quality hair extensions.

Balmain extensions

Balmain extensionsKeratin bond extension is the most common extension system. Keratin bonds are professionally fused with the clients own hair and will remain in place for up to 3 months.

· 100% Human Hair 
· Re-usable 
· Wide colour collection 
· Stays in the hair up to 3 months 
· 6 Months Guarantee


Celebrity Choice

Introducing a new generation of invisible hair extensions.
If you haven't heard of celebrity stylist Jen Atkin by now, where have you been? The go-to stylist for the entire Kardashian family, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani, to name a few, was recently declared the most influential hairstylist in the world by The New York Times and was honoured amongst the top 20 women worldwide who have changed the face of beauty.

With Kim, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall all serving up uh-mazing hair, we wanted to work with the women behind the glam! Jen's new collection with Beauty Works promises not only fast and invisible application, but we also guarantee the hair for up to nine months. The hair is on an invisi weft, this can be sewn in or LA Weave

European Tape Hair Extensions

European Tape Hair ExtensionsEuropean is very popular with finer hair types. The hair we offer is natural raw european virgin hair. 
The hair comes in over 24 shades.
This is not european silicone processed hair. European Virgin hair is collected in a way that is retains the cuticle so you get no tangling and matting. This hair comes in straight,natural wave.
The European Virgin hair is so soft, thick, shiny, lustrous and beautiful to touch.
This hair can be used in most Hair types, This Technique is wonderful for adding thickness and creating big bouncy locks, The hair is reusable and can be re-used three to four times depending on home care and colour.